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Iec/En61340-3-1esd Test Device

Iec/En61340-3-1esd Test Device

EN61000-4-2 electrostatic air and contact discharge generator


ESD simulator

Zhengzhou Defy ESD simulator multifunction and electrostatic discharge in compliance with EN61000-4-2

Product Description


Zhengzhou Defy's ESD Simulator(Series A) is an economical product for EN61000-4-2. It is designed to meet the requirements of the latest IEC 61000-4-2 standard, also many other standards including ISO 10605, ITU, GR1089, etc. The equipment can provide comprehensive and perfect plan in order to evaluate the electrostatic discharge immunity ability.. The maximum output voltage of this series can be 30kV.



IEC61000-4-2   IEC61000-4-2 Ed.2   ISO10605  ITU-TK20   IEC/EN61000-6-1/-2    IEC/EN61340-3-1  IEC/ EN61326 GR1089 Other specific manufacturer standard


Product Application

Industrial Equipment, Electric Instruments, Vehicle-borne Electronics, Medical Instruments, Lighting Appliances, Communication Transmission, Audio and Video Equipment, Low Voltage Electrical Appliances, Electronic Components, Electric Tools, Information Technology Equipment, Orbital and Space Electrical Appliances, Instruments, Painting Technology, Connector Products


Technical characteristics

1. It meets the latest standards of IEC61000-4-2 EN61000-4-2, and it can also be used in automotive and semiconductor.

2. Compact structure, lightweight, convenient to test.

3. Positive and negative two independent high voltage power supply, reliable performance.

4. Good quality high voltage discharge switch, greatly improved life for the instrument.

6. IEC standard level and user self-setting function built-in;

7. The discharge gun is designed lightweightfor easy operation.




Output voltage


Polarity of output voltage

Positive / negative

Standard discharge resistance

330Ω±5%/150pF±10%(can be substituted or expanded)

Vehicle discharge resistance


Rise time


Test mode

Single, counting, 
air discharge, contact discharge, IEC level built-in

Trigger mode

Automatic, manual, gun control (voltage rise / drop + polarity switching + high voltage start and stop).

Discharge times


Discharge duration





AC85~265V 50/60Hz, 100W






Detailed Images


Brand: Metrontec

Original: China

Good quality high voltage discharge switch, greatly improved life for the instrument.Fulfill requirements of EN61000-4-2, etc.



Iec/En61340-3-1esd Test Device

Classification criteria for discharge generators


Classified according to ESD mode

1. HBM test standards

2. MM test standard

3. CDM test standard

According to the proposed criteria for organization classification

A. JESD22 series, proposed by JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council)

B. ANSI-ESDSTM5.X series, proposed by ESDA association

C, aec-q100 series, proposed by Automotive Electronics Council

D, mil-std-883e series, us military defense department proposed HBM


Characteristics of the test

1) HBM test standard is basically improved based on the us military test standard mil-std-883e

2) HBM and MM test methods are similar

3) CDM testing methods and instruments are quite different from the former two


Iec/En61340-3-1esd Test Device

Principle of electrostatic discharge generator


Electrostatic generator, by definition, electrostatic discharge generator has over current, short circuit protection function, to discharge light "not", direct touch or workpiece too close, workers accidentally touch automatic shutdown system, high safety coefficient, verified by multiple enterprise customer and manufacturer, has a stable performance, long service life, excellent performance.

Electrostatic generator is mainly to generate electrostatic, output is usually a single polarity, such as positive or negative polarity, output voltage can be adjusted, usually used in scientific research, electrostatic applications such as electrostatic dust removal, electrostatic spraying, electrostatic field for biological effect research and other places to apply electrostatic.

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